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tv   Doc Film - 1968 - The Global Revolt Part 3 The Explosion  Deutsche Welle  September 15, 2018 9:15pm-10:00pm CEST

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what is missing and if we doctors can find diagnosis sometime soon that the patient is making it up and then such a center for a disease is might be the best solution. it's a situation that diana zebra is all too familiar with she's been plagued by severe pain in her legs since childhood back then no one took us seriously. myself just us and told my benefactor that my heart i was usually told the symptoms were the kind of growing pain are suffered by young children and then there were the gastro intestinal issues they used to give me some sort of medication to help a bit with that but it but the leg pains weren't taken seriously at all one of those acts people said i was imagining things last time. and that went on for years but yeah them excell two years ago she sought help at a center for disease in our. neurologist my code on examined her and pinpoint the cause of her problems after just two consultations. and that's me.
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it was a weight off my shoulders of my heart and i finally knew what was wrong with me i said it was helping much i always had the feeling that i had something rare but it was never investigated or confirmed. by us from i because the doctors didn't believe me they thought i was faking it making it up the london indians and . diana suffers from a rare genetic disorder fabry disease. the science tarshish hang on it starts with neuropathic pain burning tingling or stabbing sensations in your hands and feet then there's heat and cold intolerance skin sensitivity in general a reduced ability to perspire caused by damage to nerves in the skin it can lead to heart arrhythmia and other heart issues it's all due to a specific enzyme deficiency which causes certain substances in the body to build
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up to harmful levels give decent. diana was prescribed medication which she's been taking for five months she still has some pain but she's been improving from month to month for out. i would never have thought that my gastrointestinal or heart problems would improve all my rash for women that's always the worst having a rash is a big deal and that's gone back she's also stopped taking many other medications like antibiotics but most importantly she now knows for sure what's wrong the members of that's but if you have the feeling that something isn't right then you should continue to fight for a proper diagnosis and not accept a mistake next. a diagnosis has made all the difference finally diana saber feels optimistic about the future again. and here's the scary statistic from germany about the rare diseases it takes an
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average patient with already six point five years from the outbreak of symptoms until he sees a specialist and in the meantime he tried ten doctors two or three wrong diagnosis were made and he has put himself through two or three wrongful surgical interventions so this is quite an odyssey partisans effect the patients so they don't know what use is it has no idea what they can expect no idea if if they ever find someone who can treat it so this uncertainty is. we have a problem at the second point which is also. really really tough for the patients if you're known into the system so that it's no one can really discuss a disease and if you are ill you expect experts in the health care system and if you only find someone who says i don't know three fried don't know this is really a problem it's frightening yes indeed so sometimes the patients hear from their
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doctors that all the problems are just psychological so how can you distinguish between psychosomatic problems and really some headache problems if you really have . for long times of uncertainty about your diagnosis just brings you in a completely different psychological level and. at the end you cannot really discriminate is it a problem or psychological disease or is it just not just or is that it's a reaction to the sematic disease and you need. lots of interdisciplinary team to tackle that and and we are working together with this clinics from the psychosomatic department so that we. offer the patients that we. think about all aspects in this context. many causes
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of genetic they can occur in adults or kids and yeah this is this is possible so we have. eight thousand mentioned rare diseases approximately seventy eighty percent are genetic and most of them money fast in childhood but also money first later in life so that you have interacted on the various subject of symptoms but later on when you get really diagnostic tool we also need for the adult patients as. so the genetic sequencing sold and the new genetic techniques you say that even if you cannot treat it genetic disease it is still part and to give the patient a diagnosis recant estimates of proposals of the patient so when it's a known disease it might might be that that we can expect after four five
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for as the years of the disease course that possibly in diabetes for money fast so we're not great until the symptoms of the diabetes so then you can screen for this money for a station and this will help the patient not to run into severe symptoms and then one important point is that as soon as we have to diagnosis we don't have to do much more further investigations and finally we have also several diseases where we can really treat and we can develop treatment based on the more likely a defect become fine present in that notices thanks so much for having me here today things used to work and one of the most interesting things for me here was that this is an interdisciplinary team which takes care of the patients and we do have an international team which takes care for all the questions viewers of the w like david. and augustine reason you for the input for today's show thanks so
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much and keep sending the questions in. on an upcoming show we'll be talking about urban stress busy streets noise and. how do a city life affect our health and mental wellbeing send your questions to in good shape at v.w. dot com right urban stress in the subject line we're looking forward to hearing from you. and not so rare disease is power a race is also known as fresh full bladder rich is the fear of public rest. groups in most of the cases people who feel the germs in the restroom to be rest assured restrooms i'm not that dangerous and germs are everywhere. let's take a look at hands they come into contact with bacteria and spread them around but
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where do bacteria hang out to not every day surrounding. lung which species. but how many germs actually stick to our home. checked out. this is louisa our test subject will follow her around for a morning. what kinds of bacteria are to be found on louise's hands to begin with the petri dish is used to collect the samples. professor brian waters from the institute for medical microbiology and hygiene at philips university of marburg will be analyzing the samples for us. so what did he find right after louisa got up . we found lots of germs that are typically found on the hand like strains of micro caucus and stuff. we would expect to clean washed and to yield about fifty colonies on a dish like this and this kind of one up at louisa had three hundred so quite a few times more than
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a few thousands the smarter maybe she didn't wash their hands properly or the towel she used to dry them wasn't clean up talk with. what other bacteria will join those germs to find out louisa won't wash their hands for a while. the first candidates a lurking in the kitchen in sponges for instance. how long was this one been in use . for a five weeks it's certainly never been washed. the direct contact test shows that the sponge contains guts and skin for. but also fecal bacteria most of them come from food in serious cases they can cause lung infections or even sepsis. now they're probably sticking to louise's fingers and that's not good because places with lots of people are often ideal for bacterial exchange. here louis said picks up a few more bacteria. experts actually consider the metal bars in the stop
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button fairly harmless that someone sat here with a bacterium that could be a pathogen the crew transmitted in large numbers of it could cause an infection for two oscars and bessie was making posse of border. many people expect to find large numbers of bacteria here but in fact the germ load on an escalator rail is quite low. something carts though are a different story they're often lots of classic human bacteria on the grid mostly harmless skin germs but also pathogens the cause diarrhea this includes the luckily there were no pathogens on it of reason but you do commonly find them on shopping carts is a poser hygiene problem because they're rarely if ever cleaned him. louisa's workplace is also a hotbed of bacteria the sample from the door handles shows four hundred colonies.
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what's worse the telephone and computer keyboard both have too many gut and fecal bacteria on the germs can spread on down puns. and is this even worse no not if the toilet is cleaned regularly. you too little toilets can inspire fear but in this case there was nothing dramatic we found a large number of bacteria but no pathogens to worry about. we said has come into contact with many different bacteria this morning how many of it here to her. on the course of the day louisa's being contaminated with some bacteria that aren't necessarily pleasant alongside gut flora and enter a caucus there was a stuff a caucus or ias which is a pos forming germ and then an arson eater back on a germ the causes lung infections in hospitals in immune compromised patients especially when it's antibiotic resistant. loved it we can wash our hands
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it's a good idea to wash for twenty seconds after going to the toilet and before eating to try your hands they're really to keep the bacteria from multiplying. i personally can understand why some fruit to be in the dark because you can use darkness as he like. hey. this is what rebecca to my mind will see for the next forty two hours absolutely nothing. darkness therapy involves spending time in a room without any light. by me a lot of solace is i know i felt this really strong drool just pull a feeling that i would like to spend several days in the dark and i wasn't afraid or skeptical after all we all come from the womb to elsmore to live. her dark
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retreat is being supervised by natural health practitioner saskia your rebecca moves in with her an hour before it starts. this room will be her she domain in case of an emergency saskia will always be close by. if you feel really moved by something or fear bubbles up and you notice that you need help then just call out i'll be there. the light switches are taped down just to make sure. and the blinds are closed time to get serious some believe that living for days in complete darkness is dangerous. also hides depriving someone of external stimuli like lights for example which is so very important for our sense of well being is something that can be very harmful for people who aren't particularly stable psychologically or even physically. come.
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i've never heard or read anything that suggests this could trigger psychosis or anything negative. and there are lots of books about it people fear could happen but experience shows differently i don't know of a single case where this has actually happened. saskia has undergone three sessions of darkness therapy herself. the last one was twenty six days long that was when she decided to share this experience with others but support is important she talks to her clients for an hour each day. forty two hours later and rebecca is emerging from the darkness listless movement i know how does she feel she moved carefully as she did when it was dark. and. i feel really really grounded and definitely very rested relaxed
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soft but also very in sync with myself. i'm there by mia. rebecca plans to come again to continue her therapy in the dark. as a t.v. doctor i do love the spotlight and it will go on again next week and until then let's all try to stay in good shape. the be. the be.
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on its banks. the steady roar of machine. construction sites and culture are damaging the environment the first nations and farmers are trying to stop the huge projects fighting to protect nature and their own way of life prizes. fifteen minutes on. climate change. waste. pollution. isn't it time for good news eco africa people and projects that are changing all hands are meant for the better it's up to us to make a difference let's inspire other. people let it be environment magazine. on d w. time for an upgrade. our furniture their clothes all buy.
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a house with. design highlights you can make yourself. trance tips and tricks that will turn your home to something special. upgrade yourself with d. w.'s interior design channel on you tube. the contentious figure at home. here in germany. from the fun of the roman. to german unification. and the end of the cold war. or much office one of the great heroes of the twentieth century mikhail gorbachev the last leader of the soviet union was an agent of change quickly met his downfall i have decided to resign my duties as president of the
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soviet union. he continues to fight for the world. peace with the reminder when you know that you have to comprehend where peace has taken us today there is a new arms race. our time gorbachev and the opportunity for peace we still starts october third on d w. ten. this is. news live from what we're looking a trail of destruction tropical storm florence pummels the east coast of the united
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states with gusting winds heavy rain and flooding at least four people are dead and hundreds have needed rescuing the national hurricane center says the danger is far from over also coming up the strongest storm this year barrels across the philippines typhoon mangal tears through the country's main island ripping off roofs and knocking out power supplies as authorities assess the damage they warn that more floods and landslides could be to come. plus. bavarian allies under pressure the c.s.u. meet in munich as they scramble to stave off a challenge from the far right and upcoming elections polls suggest the party could be heading for its worst results in more than sixty years. nick spicer good to have you with us at least four people have died in the u.s.
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as tropical storm florence batters the states of north and south carolina. the national hurricane center says the storm is moving west at just over three kilometers an hour and is dumping dangerous amounts of rain authorities warn of catastrophic flooding and say up to two point five million people could be left without power. florence's first victims were. they were killed when this tree crashed in the coastal city of wilmington north carolina. a neighbor describes terrifying scenes as the storm bordine. was very dark. and the wind being high like it is now in the higher then so all you could see was water and it was very loud wins so. here we figure out what's going on out there. further up the coast in new bern a huge storm surge left hundreds of residents trapped as the waters rose around
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them. so i rescue crews used boats and military vehicles to get the night. i never been so terrified of my entire life. it was hard i'm. just wondering what's going on and and where the water's going to go and how high it's going to go and how we're going to get out and if we're going to get trapped in the attic and that. hundreds of thousands of homes and i without power authority is a warning evacuated residents to stay put in shelters. what we're dealing with here is a major flooding and rain event at this point we're also looking at potential landslides and the flooding is far from over so please follow instructions from state and local emergency managers do not attempt to drive through any water that you see on the roadway just remember to turn around don't drown. not cooling
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westwards florence is expected to linger for days forecasters are predicting more life threatening storm surges and flooding with parts of north and south carolina set to receive up to a meter of rain. let's now go live to detail because correspondent miles sweeter standing by in washington north carolina you are on the ground what is the situation there now. nic we're in a small town that's just north of new bern one of the towns that was hit the hardest and as you can see the floodwaters have mostly receded in this town but the banks of the pimlico river which we're standing right by are still very much overflow on to the park property here this all here is still very much flooded i am basically standing in the river while i'm standing on the sidewalk several meters of back from where the river actually is supposed to start and we're still getting
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rain here and it's not expected to stop for several days as we were driving through the town here this is a very small community and we could very clearly see the marks about a meter high on the houses where the water had been just yesterday several several streets are still closed the police are still out trying to keep people indoors saying the water on the ground could be potentially unsafe if there's any downed wires anywhere we also saw branches lying in the streets still a lot of damage to be assessed and a lot of cleanup to be done here so we're talking about possible hidden hidden dangers there mine of florence was downgraded to a tropical storm but we hear authorities are still warning people to stay at home is that partly why there's hidden dangers absolutely as we heard in the report they are still expecting several days of rain the winds here have mostly died down in this region is out of the storm's direct grasp shall we say but
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they're still expecting gallons and gallons of rain there was one estimate that said north carolina alone is going to get around ten true really in gallons of rain throughout the course so even though florence is no longer a hurricane they're still looking at massive flooding flash floods damage due to that and of course there's always the danger of people unfortunately dying what can we expect in the next few hours and days that. well like we said there's still a lot of rain expected in this town and several towns around it in this county in this community are under curfew at least a night if not for the next several days trying to keep people off of the streets so if there are still any people who need to be rescued emergency crews can get to them and to keep people from trying to drive through streets like this causing further damage in this town alone of this town is less than ten thousand people there were ninety people who needed to be rescued in a big story in the next coming days is going to be how are they going to restore
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power to the hundreds of thousands of people across the state who are now without power especially as the flooding continues that's going to make it very difficult for rescue crews and for power crews to get through and rescue people and restore energy ok. thank you very much maya schrader from to be reporting from north carolina. staying with the dangerous weather a typhoon mangled has caused major destruction in the philippines the storm made landfall in the country's main island of new song early on saturday strong winds and torrential rains caused power outages.


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